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Our publications curate evidence, best practices, and policies to help improve nutrition through health, agriculture, and economic development programs.

Front cover [title] Photo-to-Illustration Guide A Resource for the Development of Health Communication Visual Materials [cover illustration] Foreground: a collage of nine illustrations of mothers with their children or by themselves. "USAID." SPRING logo”
Job Aids and Tools | February 2018

Photo-to-Illustration Guide

Abdou Dramé, chef de village, entrain de donner à manger à son fils en compagnie de son épouse, Ndèye Sakho. Thiaré (Kaolack)
Job Aids and Tools | August 2017

Training Manual on Gender and Nutrition

Four women pose holding bunches of groundnut plants.
Job Aids and Tools | July 2017

Ghana Aflatoxin Management Photo-Aid

A young child grins at the camera as she washes her hands at a tippy tap.
Job Aids and Tools | June 2017

WASH 1,000 Approach Photo-Aid

On one side of the ruler is a poem with key messages about the importance of hand washing, drinking clean water, and eating healthy foods to avoid illness. The other side of the ruler reminds children to wash hands with soap before eating, after visiting the toilet, after playing, and after coming home from school.
Job Aids and Tools | May 2017

Deworming School Ruler and Facility Poster

Front page of deworming protocol. contains the title in Kyrgyz with a lime green background.
Job Aids and Tools | May 2017

National Deworming Clinical Protocol

Front page of deworming handout
Job Aids and Tools | May 2017

Deworming Leaflet for Families

FNS Flash Card
Job Aids and Tools | March 2017

Farmer Nutrition School Flashcards

Two-year anemia calendar
Job Aids and Tools | March 2017

Two-Year Anemia Calendar - Kyrgyz Republic

Food Storage Guidance Booklet
Job Aids and Tools | March 2017

Food Storage Guidebook

Two women with OFSP
Job Aids and Tools | September 2016

Anemia Landscape Analysis Tool

Thumbnail of DATA's cover
Job Aids and Tools | September 2016

District Assessment Tool for Anemia (DATA)

An image of the food pyramid
Job Aids and Tools | September 2016

Dietary Diversity Handout

Poster image demonstrating toilet maintenance best practices
Job Aids and Tools | September 2016

Clean Latrines and Handwashing

Health worker examining pregnant woman
Job Aids and Tools | April 2015

Nutrition Workforce Mapping Toolkit