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Our publications curate evidence, best practices, and policies to help improve nutrition through health, agriculture, and economic development programs.

Photo of a woman posing in front of a SPRING banner. Caption: "Firuza poses with a SPRING banner at a training for volunteer coordinators."
Success Stories | May 2018

Be the Change You Want to See

Photo of a woman, Sanatu Fuseini, displaying her VSLA passbook at a meeting with a large group of other women.
Success Stories | November 2017

A Little Help from My Friends

Whitney, 2, with his grandmother Zewelensi, 60. Whitney was malnourished, but after three months of eating foods mixed with MNP, his health improved.
Success Stories | July 2017

The Power of Powders in Uganda

A woman picks okra in her field.
Success Stories | July 2017

Clean Fields Bring Stronger Yields

Photo of a woman holding a newborn with a midwife advising
Success Stories | January 2017

Helping Hospitals Become “Baby-Friendly”

Photo of Miss Bantaabu, a community health worker, meets with Madam Kusumi Gipi (right) during a counseling session about breastfeeding.
Success Stories | October 2016

Breastfeeding Basics Mean Better Nutrition

SPRING Nutrition Coordinator Grace Essien visits a household vegetable garden in Ebom, Nigeria, where residents believed they could not grow their own food.
Success Stories | October 2016

Growing Nutritious Food at Home

Community activist Nazira Subankulova with the fresh produce she sells. After SPRING’s nutrition trainings, it is now in high demand.
Success Stories | October 2016

From Salty Snacks to Fresh Food

Farmer nutrition school member Nilufa tends to her orange-fleshed sweet potato crop.
Success Stories | September 2016

The Magic of Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes

Nasima’s family helps her prepare and use the compost that allows them to grow more nutritious vegetables. Photo credit: SPRING/Bangladesh
Success Stories | September 2016

From Decaying Peels to Delicious Produce

Faustina Kiisi, a community health nurse at Tolon Health Center, reaches out to her colleagues on WhatsApp.
Success Stories | September 2016

“Smart” Support for Better Nutrition

Nurse Usupova Mairam (on the left) counsels Jazgul about the best way to feed her one-year-old daughter Aitunuk.
Success Stories | August 2016

One Mother at a Time

Nigeria's Nutrition-Savvy Dads
Success Stories | August 2016

Nigeria's Nutrition-Savvy Dads

A Family Welfare Visitor uses mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) tape to regularly screen the growth of children in her area.
Success Stories | June 2016

Bangladesh's Family Welfare Visitors

Mehdi Hasan Sattar helps his wife in the homestead garden, where the family grows nutritious vegetables. Photo credit: SPRING/Bangladesh
Success Stories | May 2016

Supportive Husbands, Healthy Families

Farmer nutrition school participants practice throwing a net into the fish pond in Babuganj. The fish they catch will provide critical nutrients to their families. Photo: SPRING/Bangladesh
Success Stories | May 2016

Fishing for Good Nutrition

Infant in a blanket
Success Stories | February 2016

Lifesaving Links in Nigeria

In Durgapur village, a farmer nutrition school graduate and her son tend to the chickens that produce important nutrients for their family.
Success Stories | January 2016

Speaking Up for Better Nutrition

A latrine constructed in a community in the Upper East region of Ghana after SPRING/Ghana’s WASH intervention.
Success Stories | November 2015

When WASH 1,000 Came to Piyaligo

Gmangun Charles shows off his household’s new latrine in the Kubone community in Ghana’s northern region.
Success Stories | November 2015

The Power of a Latrine

Woman holding and feeding her toddler
Success Stories | October 2015

Vegetables, Fish, and Tippy Taps