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SPRING/Senegal Community Video Training with Digital Green

Teams from the training practice what they learn by making a test video on making peanut butter.In June 2016, SPRING conducted trainings in partnership with Digital Green on the production and dissemination of community videos in Senegal. SPRING/Digital Green provided video production training to 15 participants from community radio stations and other partners including Caritas, Symbiose, FEPROMAS, and ADAK. Another 24 participants from 12 partner organizations in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, agro-processing, and community health were trained in the dissemination of community videos, including how to use pico projectors and facilitation skills for group dissemination. Both groups received theoretical training and practical training, during which teams produced two test videos: one on the importance of hygiene inside a community’s compound and one on making peanut butter.

SPRING/Senegal staff will continue working with local partners to edit and finalize the videos from the training for dissemination in select communities. Two additional videos on nutrition-sensitive agriculture practices are planned for production by September 2016.

The SPRING/Digital Green activity in Senegal takes into account results from a feasibility study and lessons learned from similar SPRING/Digital Green activities in India and Niger. These lessons were used to design the activity for Senegal, which focuses on using facilitated community videos to promote high impact nutrition and WASH behaviors. Digital Green’s success in increasing uptake of good agriculture practices, with the results of the SPRING feasibility study, show exciting promise for use of community video in other sectors like nutrition, where household uptake of key MIYCN and other nutrition-sensitive practices are essential to addressing undernutrition.