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Six Years of Multi-Sectoral Learning from SPRING

Since 2011, SPRING has provided fertile testing ground to put USAID’s Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy into action. You will find a wealth of resources across the SPRING website that capture evidence and experience from SPRING’s diverse country programs and global initiatives .

We have also curated our research and resources here to facilitate learning and uptake of evidence-based programming. You can explore SPRING's impact and key learning below through a collection of resources related to critical nutrition-specific and nutrition sensitive topics below.

Multi-sectoral Nutrition Topics in Focus

What is nutrition-sensitive agriculture? Agriculture is nutrition-sensitive when it addresses the underlying causes of malnutrition. SPRING supports and promotes nutrition-sensitive agriculture with global evidence and guidance, design and monitoring tools, and lessons from field experience.
From Pilot to Practice: Using community-led video to improve nutrition in the African Sahel
To reduce anemia, governments and communities must work together to implement effective interventions based upon the best information available.
Practitioners working in nutrition must start thinking about the effect food, health, and education systems have on nutrition practices and outcomes.
SPRING has been working to develop evidence-based, scalable change in SBCC programs for nutrition globally.
The community video approach for nutrition and health behavior change blends innovative, low-cost, accessible technology with the strength of human-mediated interpersonal communication techniques.
Improving nutrition requires far more than improving just diets.
Empowered women and engaged men provide better nutrition for the whole familiy.
The best start in life begins with good nutrition in the first 1,000 days but doesn't end there.
Promoting and enabling diverse diets among children is key to stopping the vicious circle of malnutrition and disease.