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Question: How do I inquire about employment on the SPRING Project?

Vacancies for the SPRING project are posted here and/or on SPRING’s partners’ websites. For a list of the partners and links to their websites, go to SPRING's Partner Organizations.

Question: How do I request copies of SPRING materials?

Contact us to request hard copies or soft copies of our current materials.

Question: Can SPRING provide funding for our nutrition project?

SPRING does not provide direct financial support for projects.

Question: How do I partner with SPRING or request technical assistance?

USAID Missions can receive technical assistance or program implementation support from SPRING via field support transfers. Please communicate with the SPRING AOTR for further questions.

USAID Bureaus, technical working groups, and other USG agencies can also access technical services from SPRING. Please contact the SPRING AOTR for further guidance.