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SPRING/Sierra Leone

Map of Sierra LeoneIn Sierra Leone, SPRING received support from USAID’s Bureau for Food Security (BFS) and Global Health Bureau to improve nutrition and health. At the district level we aimed to learn how to improve feeding practices, year-round access to nutrient-rich foods, and sanitation and hygiene to reduce the risk of infection. We also investigated ways to encourage uptake of key water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) practices and nutrition-related behaviors, such as exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a child’s life. Within the food system, SPRING looked into how to get vendors to sell appropriate portions of nutritious foods at an affordable price, to safely process and store animal-sourced foods, and to minimize spoilage and nutrient loss. Fish and pumpkin are the two foods that served as the subjects of study for this work, which will took place in several of Tonkolili District’s chiefdoms, overlapping where possible with communities that WorldFish had identified for USAID investment.

In addition to our district level work, SPRING also supported the Ministry of Health to establish and maintain a multi-sectoral National Anemia Working Group under the Scaling Up Nutrition Platform. This multi-stakeholder group composed of government, UN Agencies, Civil Society, Private Sector, and Donor Networks works together to prioritize and integrate anemia in national policy and programs. A range of actors working across multiple sectors (e.g., health, agriculture, and WASH) are needed for an effective and sustained response to anemia.


A graphic representation of a woman cleaning a yard of animal feces, disposing of the feces responsibly, and washing her hands with a tippy tap.
January 2018
A central part of SPRING’s work is to share learnings on how to implement effective nutrition programming. As more countries are moving ahead with efforts to end malnutrition globally, the need for large-scale implementation and impact has never been...
A group of artists gathers around the trainer who is demonstrating how to trace an image.
November 2017
The photo-to-illustration (PTI) process allows graphic artists to use photographs from the community as a reference to develop high-quality illustrations which are technically accurate, culturally acceptable, and attractive to audiences. These illust...
MSN-GLEE banner
January 2016
SPRING, USAID's Bureau for Food Security, and Bureau for Global Health hosted the Multi-sectoral Nutrition Strategy Global Learning & Evidence Exchange (MSN-GLEE), West Africa from January 19 to 21, 2016, in Accra, Ghana. Staff from the USAID Bureau ...

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