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Tippy Taps to Enhance Hygiene and Nutrition in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, absent or inconveniently located handwashing stations hinder the uptake of handwashing practices at the household level, which are important for preventing illnesses that affect nutritional status. In response, SPRING has introduced household "tippy taps" to rural Bangladesh. A tippy tap is a simple, water-saving handwashing device that increases the availability of clean water for handwashing at significant points around the household. All SPRING trainees and Farmer Nutrition School (FNS) members are taught how to build and use household tippy taps near toilets and kitchens to improve the adoption of hygiene practices.

SPRING is the first nutrition project to scale up tippy taps to rural communities in Bangladesh has assessed the uptake of these practices and their likelihood to improve handwashing practices in the Use of Tippy Taps and Handwashing Practices in Southern Bangladesh Qualitative Study.

In 2014, SPRING conducted a study to explore whether the promotion of handwashing and tippy taps through FNS participation improved handwashing practices, especially prior to handling and preparation of food, eating, feeding a child, or after using the latrine. The overall findings demonstrate that the presence of tippy taps in and around the household, as well as the promotion of handwashing, has a significant positive impact on handwashing practices. For example, 75% of FNS participants washed their hands after using the latrine, compared to only 6% of non-FNS participants.  

SPRING/Bangladesh has developed a number of communication materials that are critical in the implementation of its activities, as well as to serve the purpose of advocacy. At the request of Revitalizing Community Health care Initiatives in Bangladesh (RCHIB), the department in charge of community clinics nationwide, SPRING produced a two-page flyer on the construction of tippy taps. The flyer ensures SPRING’s responsiveness to the demand from SPRING’s community members to be able to make their own household tippy taps.  As part of SPRING’s collaboration with Sisimpur, the Bangladeshi version of Sesame Street, the flyer has been adapted and distributed to primary school aged children. SPRING also provided technical assistance on a Sisimpur spot focused on handwashing and tippy taps.