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Advocacy and Innovation: Two SPRING Videos are Honored at CUGH Conference

Cover image featuring the logo for the Consortium of Universities for Global Health

This year, two SPRING videos received honorable mentions in the 2018 Pulitzer Global Health Video competition for the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) conference in New York. “Districts Assess Anemia with DATA” was honored in the videos for global health advocacy category, and “Basanti’s Story” was honored in the category of innovations in global health. Gwyneth Cotes, SPRING’s director of global initiatives, will attend the conference and accept the awards on SPRING’s behalf.

Our advocacy video, “Districts Assess Anemia with DATA,” features the implementation of the District Assessment Tool for Anemia (DATA) in Nepal and Uganda. SPRING developed DATA to help countries strengthen anemia programming at the district level. The tool helps districts determine factors that contribute to anemia in their specific local context, and offers guidance on prioritizing interventions to strengthen anemia-related programming. This video features local stakeholders and leaders who participated in DATA workshops and trainings discussing how the tool works in their context.

“Basanti’s Story” follows Basanti Mahji, a SPRING beneficiary in Keonjhar, India. In the video, she discusses SPRING’s community video work, and the impact the videos have made on her family. She talks about what she has learned from her participation in community videos, and says, “if more awareness can be raised, if the videos are shown in all the villages, then we will all learn and benefit.”