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SPRING Facilitates Collaboration Workshop for CHAIN Partners in Rwanda

Workshop participants

In November 2016, SPRING facilitated a two-day workshop to help the Community Health and Improved Nutrition (CHAIN) project partners define collaboration goals and expectations and to develop an integrated workplan. The CHAIN project is a collection of USAID-funded activities that are carried out by local and international organizations that share complementary goals of improving nutrition and health in Rwanda. In support of its goal to increase multi-sectoral collaboration for nutrition outcomes, USAID | Rwanda asked SPRING to assist CHAIN partners in defining clear objectives and expectations for their collaboration.

SPRING led a series of activities to identify overlap and gaps in existing services, shared objectives, resources, and measurement indicators and to identify each partner’s contribution toward shared results. By mapping activities and aligning objectives, the partners were able to visualize opportunities for collaboration such as avoiding duplication of effort, expanding reach through referrals, or improving efficiency by saving time and money. The partners wrapped up by deciding on a year-long joint collaborative workplan. By the end of the workshop, numerous participants expressed a strengthened sense of partnership and purpose. When asked why they developed a goal for CHAIN before creating roles and responsibilities together, Jannet Opio, the Chief of Party for Society for Health/Rwanda, said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, no road will get you there.”

Together with their joint workplan, the CHAIN partners will work towards their shared goal of improving nutrition and health among Rwandans.