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SPRING/Bangladesh Presents at the Policies against Hunger XII Conference

A panel at the Policies against Hunger XII Conference

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) invited SPRING/Bangladesh to present on Farmer Nutrition Schools and its experience towards improved household nutrition at the Policies against Hunger XII conference. Hosted by BMEL, the conference took place from June 22-24, 2016, and brought together 350 high-level participants from across the globe to address key aspects of food security and nutrition. This year’s theme was "Sowing the seeds for nutrition: What food systems do we need?"

The objective of the conference was to show ways in which the four key issues of this year's conference - diversification, processing, empowerment of women, and nutrition education - can help ensure and achieve adequate nutrition. SPRING/Bangladesh's Deputy Chief of Party, Mr. Mohammad Ali Reja, shared the project’s experience on farmer nutrition schools (FNS).

The project was honored to be invited and was delighted to have the opportunity to share lessons learned and experiences from Bangladesh.