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SPRING/Bangladesh Supports Government of Bangladesh Vitamin A Plus Campaign

A child receives a vitamin A supplement

SPRING/Bangladesh assisted government health clinics in Khulna and Barisal divisions to ensure the successful observance of the National Vitamin A Plus Campaign for children under five on July 16, 2016. Community Nutrition Champions (CNCs), who are graduates of SPRING’s farmer nutrition schools (FNS), along with SPRING/Bangladesh field staff, supported the Government of Bangladesh to make this micronutrient supplementation campaign successful. More than 500 CNCs from Khulna and Barisal district worked alongside government staff. SPRING also provided secretarial and logistical support to make this event a success. Government of Bangladesh officials recognized SPRING for its participation and active support for the campaign.

Children between six months and five years of age are given this important micronutrient supplement in an effort by the government to help curb under-five mortality in the country. Though Bangladesh has seen excellent improvements across many health indicators over the past few years, micronutrient deficiencies are still very high and are a common cause of morbidity and mortality in the country. The Government of Bangladesh runs the Vitamin A Plus Campaign twice a year to improve child survival rates by addressing direct and underlying effects of diseases such as measles, night blindness, and diarrhea.