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Ag2Nut Call: Ethiopia Sub-Group and How to Find Ag2Nut Members in Your Country

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The ANH Academy Week held in Addis Ababa in June led to a side meeting of Ethiopia-based Ag2Nut members. These members enthusiastically expressed a desire to connect in order to strengthen the community of people working on agriculture-nutrition linkages in Ethiopia.

After the meeting, an Ag2Nut Community of Practice Ethiopian sub-group was formed, maintaining a separate email list for the purpose of sharing Ethiopia-specific events, opportunities and resources, and for working together on common capacity and policy issues affecting agriculture and nutrition in the country. It grew to hundreds of members in less than 1 month of existence - demonstrating the interest in and need for this community in Ethiopia.

This development for the Ag2Nut community shows how members can connect more deeply and consistently on country-specific issues. It highlights how Ag2Nut can be a resource for connecting with people in a specific geographic location. Ag2Nut now has nearly 3,000 members in 92 countries.

Participants in this call learned about how this first country sub-group formed, what they are already doing, and how to connect with Ag2Nut members in any specific country. Speakers also described a few highlights of ANH week and resources.

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Ethiopia Sub-Group and How to Find Ag2Nut Members in Your Country (PDF, 1.6 MB)