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Ag2Nut Call: Multi-sectoral Nutrition Governance: Experiences from Uganda and Zambia

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This webinar draws on valuable experiences from national and local governance structures in Zambia and Uganda to highlight the importance of taking a multi-sectoral approach, and to distill the enablers and constraints of multi-sectoral governance and implementation, from national to sub-national level. Their experience shows that it is imperative for coordination frameworks to be endorsed by national leaders. 

Presenters share experiences at the district and sub-district level that are important for understanding the operational realities, challenges, and opportunities. A technical brief published by SNV, The Power of Multisectoral Governance to Address Malnutritionillustrates some of the lessons learned. 


Boaz Musiimenta, Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Uganda

Etah Manda, Program Manager, Sustainable Nutrition for All (SNV), Zambia

Prossy Nakayina, Nutrition Advisor, Sustainable Nutrition for All (SNV), Uganda 


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