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Ag2Nut Community Call: What the Outcomes of the ICN2 Mean for Linking Food, Agriculture and Nutrition

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The December 2014 Ag2Nut Community of Practice call featured a discussion with Anna Lartey, Director of FAO's Nutrition Division, and Francesco Branca, Director of Nutrition for Health and Development at WHO, on the ICN2. In addition to providing a broad overview of the conference, Lartey and Branca addressed what the outcomes of the ICN2 mean for linking food, agriculture, and nutrition; what the commitments by various actors were; and what are next steps to turn commitments into action. Discussion centered around the need for project designs and indicators to monitor progress toward nutrition outcomes and a minimum set of standardized indicators for agriculture-nutrition linkages to provide more evidence. The role of the food system to deliver healthy diets was also a central topic of discussion.

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