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Ag2Nut-FSIN Community Call: What is Needed for Global Monitoring of Access to Adequate Food? (Part II)

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On March 23, 2014, the Ag2Nut Community of Practice and Food Security Information Network (FSIN) continued its discussion on what is needed for global monitoring of adequate food, focused on the need for appropriate indicators of adequate nutritious food, as well as some current efforts to develop such indicators. This call picked up where the conversation left off on the February call: identifying efforts to develop and use indicators on this topic. This included a presentation on a framework to categorize indicators, soliciting input from participants, which is available as a living document through the link below.  The discussion was intended to help align understanding of the ways adequate nutritious food could be measured to feed into other relevant conversations, such as those about the post-MDGs, the FSIN technical working group, the FAO suite of food security indicators, and the ICN2 accountability framework, for example. 

View Presentation (PDF, 655 KB)

View Meeting Minutes (PDF, 461 KB)

View Interactive Spreadsheet of Indicators

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