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Engaging Men and Boys in Food and Nutrition Security: The Hidden Half of Gender Equality Programming

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SPRING, TOPS, and USAID hosted the final segment in a three-part webinar series, Women's Empowerment and Men's Engagement: How a Focus on Gender Can Support Agriculture and Nutrition. Theresa Hwang, Gender Director with CARE USA, and Maureen Miruka, Pathways Team Leader with CARE USA, shared experience from CARE’s rights-based approach to gender equality, which recognizes that men are not only instrumental to women’s empowerment, but that they are also affected by poverty and face specific vulnerabilities and limitations based on their gendered roles.

Working with men in transformative ways is seen as an outcome of conscientization (personal reflection), synchronizing with women’s empowerment activities, engaging dialogues with critical relationships, mobilizing to building awareness, and linking to advocacy efforts across different levels. This webinar shared CARE’s experiences in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Burundi, and Bangladesh, along with emerging lessons based on field experience.

Download the Presentation (PDF, 1.8 MB)

View the Webinar Summary, Shared Resources, and Responses to Unanswered Questions (PDF, 327 KB)