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Learning Together for Improved Nutrition: SPRING Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package

New Training Resources Designed to Improve Nutrition through Agriculture Programs Now Available

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Looking to build staff or community capacity to design, implement, and document nutrition-sensitive agriculture programs? Join us to explore SPRING's recently launched Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package.

Over the past six years, SPRING has explored how to address the underlying causes of malnutrition through nutrition-sensitive agriculture,  training local, national, and international stakeholders to tailor nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions that are appropriate to their local contexts. Across our activities and partnerships, we have found that cross-sectoral capacity building is essential for developing the collaboration that effective nutrition-sensitive activities require. We have curated and refined the critical components of our cross-sectoral trainings to produce the  Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package. Comprised of 7 modules, the training package includes facilitation guides, PowerPoint slides, and handouts designed to facilitate training workshops of varied lengths with different audiences. Join us to hear about SPRING and USAID’s  experience in developing, testing, and using various components of the training resource package with specific examples from Guatemala and the Kyrgyz Republic.


Heather Danton, Food Security and Nutrition Director, SPRING - Presentation Slides (PDF, 1 MB)

Meghan Anson, Nutrition Advisor, USAID - Presentation Slides (PDF, 1 MB)

Aida Shambetova, Social and Behavior Change Specialist, SPRING Kyrgyz Republic - Presentation Slides (PDF, 1 MB)