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Uganda’s Nutrition Now Campaign Radio Spots Raising Awareness about the Benefits of a Healthy Diet and Consuming Fortified Foods

The logo with a big blue "F"

Uganda’s Office of the Prime Minister, with support from SPRING/Uganda, conducted a three-month campaign called Nutrition Now to achieve the objectives of the National Advocacy and Communication Strategy—in short, encouraging good nutrition practices to promote better health.

The campaign, which included radio spots, D.J. mentions, and colorful posters, focused on nutrition-specific interventions for mothers and children during the first 1,000 days: the “window of opportunity” when good nutrition has the greatest impact on a child’s future development and well-being. Wanting to reach as many people as possible, SPRING/Uganda facilitated the development of radio spots in different languages, which were aired on various F.M. radio stations.

Two of the Nutrition Now radio spots shared the hypothetical perspective of a baby speaking to her mother from the womb, advising her to eat healthy foods during her pregnancy. Another discusses the benefits of consuming fortified foods and how to identify them at the market by looking out for the logo with a big blue “F.”

The Government of Uganda, through the Office of the Prime Minster and the Ministry of Health, continues to spread the Nutrition Now campaign messages using its free airtime on different radio stations across the country.