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Delivering Micronutrient Powders in Namutumba District: Exploring Two Distribution Methods in Uganda

SPRING/Uganda supported the Ministry of Health to roll out a micronutrient powders (MNP) pilot project in Namutumba District. Namutumba is one of eight districts that are characterized with high incidence of micronutrient deficiencies.

The pilot project in Namutumba evaluated the most cost-effective method of delivering MNP, using implementation research to compare two delivery mechanisms: through health facilities or through health facilities with distribution by community-based Village Health Teams (VHTs). Through this pilot project, SPRING provided MNP to every facility in the district.

Both arms of the study started at the health facility. Under the health facility arm, all caretakers of children aged 6-23 months who visited the facility for health services received a packet of MNP from either trained health workers or facility-based Village Health Teams. Children and their caretakers received MNP in addition to the treatment for any underlying illnesses.

Under the community arm, trained VHTs obtained MNP from the health facility and distributed them to caretakers within their respective villages. VHTs also conducted counselling and follow-up visits to give refills and ensure proper usage and adherence by the caretakers.

These photos (below) show scenes from the distribution by both arms of the study.

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