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Local Influencers Promote and Monitor Household Hygiene in Senegal

As part of SPRING/Senegal’s multi-sectoral nutrition strategy, hygiene monitoring teams known as dynaset-setal groups conduct regular home visits to ensure that households meet basic hygiene standards. Dynaset-setal is a Wolof phrase meaning “I commit to a clean environment” that emphasizes each group member’s role as a resource person and positive example of good hygiene practices in their community.

The groups consist of 6 -10 highly engaged and influential community members, often community health workers, village heads, local government unit representatives, and Koranic school teachers. The dynaset-setal groups record the number of households with functional tippy-taps and the number of people aware of at least three critical moments of handwashing with soap, among other indicators. They also organize community gatherings to speak to the entire village about the importance of good hygiene for good health and nutrition.