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Photo-to-Illustration Process – Examples from SPRING’s Workshop in Guinea

In July 2017, SPRING/Guinea held a six-day training on a graphic design technique known as the Photo-to-Illustration (PTI) process with illustrators and IT managers in Guinea and Sierra Leone, as well as Peace Corps Guinea staff and volunteers. The PTI process involves taking a reference photograph, tracing a line drawing, and using graphic design software to add color, shading, and patterns for a realistic image that is used in social and behavior change communication visuals for nutrition, health, and agriculture.

The following images show participants’ first experiences in the PTI process and help to demonstrate how the process can be used to make a variety of high-quality images for SBC materials.

If you would like to use illustrations for your own program, please see the Infant and Young Child Feeding Image Bank. This website, a collaboration between SPRING and UNICEF, hosts hundreds of illustrations produced through the PTI process. The illustrations are provided as layered image files that can be easily adapted to your context using graphic design software.