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Photos from the Improved Village-level Poultry Rearing Workshop in Senegal

From January 10-11, 2017, SPRING/Senegal organized a two-day workshop on village-level poultry rearing for members of its agricultural partner networks. After the workshop, SPRING distributed chickens to member groups of several partner organizations to give them a chance to put their newly acquired chicken rearing knowledge into practice. On the January 25, a SPRING delegation visited Nioro Alassane Tall Village in the Fatick region to participate in the chicken distribution to the local women’s group.

The women’s group raised money to purchase the supplies to build a chicken coop according to a model that provides the chickens with the necessary space and divisions to promote good growth and laying patterns. Local SPRING partner, YAKHANAL, also invested funds to support their members in the poultry rearing activity. The women’s group received nine hens and one rooster, and will share proceeds from the eggs, chicks, and meat amongst all members.

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