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Community Video (Burkina Faso): Alimentation Complémentaire

Celine visits her friend, Dapoa and notices all the nutritious meals her friend has prepared at home. Dapoa explains that providing complementary feeding and breastfeeding to her child from 6 months on will ensure a growing, healthy, and strong baby. This is why Dapoa has prepared all these meals in advance so that when she leaves the house, her child will eat well, whether left at home with a caregiver or if she needs to take her child with her to work. Celine visits a community-based health worker to learn more about diverse feeding and healthy snack options for her child, the importance of breastfeeding, and of complementary feeding. The health worker’s wife explains to Celine the options of diverse and nutritious meals a mother can prepare in advance. Back home, Celine explains what she has learned to her mother-in-law. Celine shows her all of the diverse meals and snacks she has prepared for her child to consume during her absence.