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Community Video (Burkina Faso): Allaitement Exclusif au Sein Maternel

Ramata has just given birth to a baby girl named Youmali in Gayéri, the East region of Burkina Faso. Convinced by health workers who advised her to practice exclusive breastfeeding (LAM method), Ramata immediately nurses her newborn baby. This is inconceivable for her stepmother Adjima, who believes in traditional practices. For many, the colostrum, or the “first milk” is seen as a danger to the baby. Adjima prefers decoctions (a hot herbal drink). Finally, after discussing with a midwife about the importance of colostrum and the benefits of the LAM method for babies (0-6 months) and mothers, Adjima eventually changes her mind. She supports her daughter-in-law and Ramata's husband takes care of her and her newborn. The method eventually pays off. Youmali grows into a healthy baby and Ramata is protected from pregnancy until her daughter reached the age of sixth months.