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Community Video (Burkina Faso): Diversification Alimentaire chez L'Enfant à Partir de 6 Mois

Kiri, a community health worker, visits a family in his community. He is offered food, and asks why there is meat in the food for adults, but no meat in the food for the family's small child. The child's father does not believe children without teeth can eat meat, but Kiri explains that children older than six months can eat the same food as adults, including meat, egg, and leaves, so long as the food is crushed. He explains the importance of a diverse diet for children over six months to keep them healthy and allow them to grow strong and intelligent. He shows the father how to pick, dry, and store leaves during the rainy season so that he can feed his child a diverse diet in the dry season. The child's mother visits Kiri's wife, who shows her how to correctly prepare enriched porridge with fish powder for her child.