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Community Video (Burkina Faso): Lavage des Mains - Gulmancema

Delphine’s child is sick with diarrhea. Her friend Brigitte advises her that one must always wash her hands with soap, especially when cleaning a baby, to avoid spreading germs which may cause diarrhea in young children. Brigitte’s husband emphasizes the importance of hygiene, shows Delphine their tippy tap, and demonstrates how to properly, step-by-step, wash one’s hands in order to avoid the spread of germs. Brigitte’s husband also shows Delphine how to wash her child’s hands. When Delphine returns home, she explains to Kiri, her husband, the importance of washing his hands with soap before cooking, before feeding a child, eating, after going to the bathroom, and after cleaning a baby. Delphine’s husband explains that he has recently learned from a friend how to build a tippy tap. Together, Delphine and her husband build a tippy tap and are happy that they are building a safe and hygienic environment for their household.