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Community Video (Burkina Faso): Lavage des Mains - Mooré

Helene stops by her friend Adji’s home. Adji notices that Helene’s child looks sick. Helene tells her that her baby suffers from diarrhea on and off. Adji tells her about the importance of handwashing and how it kills germs, which can prevent diarrhea. Adji explains that one must defecate in a toilet and not outside, the importance of using clean water when cooking and drinking, always covering food so that flies and animals cannot contaminate it, and the importance of handwashing with soap for the whole family, including children. Adji’s husband Andre confirms the importance of handwashing before preparing a meal, after going to the bathroom, and before eating a meal. He also shows her how to properly wash one’s hands with soap. On her way back home, Helene explains to her husband Issiaka that she has just learned that handwashing with soap can prevent their child from getting diarrhea. Interested, Issiaka and Helene go back to their friend’s home and a young girl shows them how to wash their hands with soap. This demonstration, along with learning about the benefits of handwashing, convinces Andre to apply this practice at home for himself and his entire family.