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Community Video (Burkina Faso): Les Bienfaits de l’AME pour l’Enfant

A pregnant Seremaye and her husband visit their friends Denise and her husband. Seremaye asks Denise why her baby is so strong and healthy. Denise explains that at birth, she introduced exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) to her newborn, and explained the benefits of the mother’s first milk, colostrum. Seremaye says she will follow Denise's advice and exclusively breastfeed her baby until 6 months. The mother-in-law explains that one should never give a baby under 6 months decoctions or anything else other than breastmilk unless a health professional advises differently. Denise also advises her friend that EBF protects the mother from getting pregnant, but for that to happen, it is important to give the baby only mother’s milk for 6 months and to check that her menses has not come back. Denise’s husband is very supportive and explains to Seremaye that when Denise was pregnant and now breastfeeding their baby, his mother and his children help her with household tasks so that Denise can rest and focus on the baby.