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Community Video (Burkina Faso): Les Produits Locaux dans la Diversification Alimentaire chez L’Enfant

On her way back from the field, Delphine bumps into her friend Brigitte who asks why she has picked so many vegetables. Delphine tells her that it is not for a party, but instead, the healthy food is to complement the children’s “bouillie.” Delphine explains to Brigitte that she not only adds lots of nutrients to her over 6-month-old baby’s food but also that she gives healthy and nutritious snacks during the day. Delphine demonstrates and shows Brigitte how she adds nutritious food to her child’s meals. Delphine’s husband arrives home and makes sure that she bought meat with the money he gave her. Delphine reassures him that she did buy fish. Her husband is satisfied and her friend Brigitte will go and share what she has learned today with her husband.