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Community Video (Burkina Faso): L’Importance de l’AME dans le Développement de L’Enfant

In Pétéguersé, a village in the commune of Gorgadji, a child, Issa, strong and healthy, is admired by everyone in the village. A 7-month pregnant neighbor, Ouman, visits Issa’s mother, Afiatou. Afiatou tells her neighbor that the secret to her healthy baby is the importance of exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) her baby for 6 months before introducing any foods. Afiatou tells Ouman that the first step is to make sure that the newborn drinks the colostrum, or the first milk, as it’s rich in nutrients and essential for the newborn. She also shares the fact that EBF can naturally protect you from getting pregnant. A supportive mother-in-law also shows Ouman and Afiatou the proper ways of breastfeeding. Finally, the importance of male involvement is highlighted in this video as both husbands are shown to be very supportive of their pregnant and nursing wives.