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Community Video (Burkina Faso): L’Importance des Consultations Prénatales

Hadja visits her friend, Aichu, who tells her that she is feeling ill because she could be 3 months pregnant. Hadja recommends that Aichu go visit the health center as soon as possible. However, Aichi says that the health center is too far away. Perhaps Aichu’s husband could drive her to the health center, Hadja suggests. But when Aichu asks her husband to accompany her to the health center, he refuses and does not believe it’s his role to go with her. The husband’s friends convince him that it’s important to accompany your wife at the clinic when she is ill to be supportive, especially when she is pregnant. Aichu and her husband visit the health center. The midwife reinforces the importance of prenatal visits and the importance of the husband’s supportive role.