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Community Video (Guinea): La Diversification Alimentaire dans Nos Familles

Gnalen is the mother of a young son in Beindou, Guinea. One morning, her mother comes by and Gnalen asks her to watch her son while she prepares his meal. Gnalen shows her mother a platter of diverse foods that she will feed her son, including peanuts, dried fish, eggs, avocado, and milk, and describes how she will prepare these foods as part of the porridge that she will feed the baby. Gnalen’s mother is impressed at how much Gnalen knows about nutrition and tells her that this must be why the boy is growing up so fast and so strong! Later, the community health worker visits and expresses her joy at seeing such a diverse group of foods. She reminds Gnalen of the importance of animal-source proteins and the need to dry and save leafy greens for the lean season. She also encourages Gnalen and her mother to explain their good practices to their neighbors to improve nutrition in the community.