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Community Video (Guinea): Toutes les Femmes Ont Besoin d’une Bonne Nutrition

Tenin is a pregnant woman in Tindo, Guinea. One day, the local community health worker (CHW) stops by her compound and speaks with her and her husband. The CHW tells Tenin’s husband that he must support Tenin’s nutrition through additional meals and a diversified diet to keep Tenin and the baby healthy and strong throughout the pregnancy. Tenin’s husband is glad of the information and agrees to help his wife. Later, Tenin’s husband brings their son, Aly, to gather sweet potato leaves from the garden. He explains to Aly that they will divide the harvest in three: one group will be made into sauce to eat now, some leaves will be sold at the market for income, and the final group will be dried to save for the lean season. The CHW returns and expresses her joy at seeing the good nutrition practices in the household, but also reminds the family to save plenty of leaves for the lean season when they will be hard to find.