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Community Video (Niger): Aidez vos Femmes pour le Bien de Tous - Help Your Wives for the Benefit of All

The video is shot in the village of Kalgo Tchama, Dogo commune in the Zinder region and features Mr. Damzo's wives. He gives his wife money for food and then goes to fetch firewood. In another family, Moussa is pressuring his wife Sakina to do the housework. Back from the well, a friend of Damzo meets him and makes fun of Damzo for fetching water, which according to him is a woman's job. Then, sensitizer Sakina comes to Rabia. She finds her leaning and discovers that it is because of heavy household tasks she has been doing. The women discuss men's help in housework and benefits for the woman. Then back home, Rabia's husband finds her and the sensitizer talking. The sensitizer makes Rabia's husband aware of the fact that she needs help with household chores. Issues related to the sharing of household chores are discussed. After debating, the men understand the importance of helping the woman in housework.