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Community Video (Niger): Apport de L’Homme dans la Gestion du Poulailler

The video is shot in the village of Atchélé, where we see men talking about Newcastle disease in chickens. One of the men, Mr. Tahirou, heads home and asks his wife which of the chickens she wants him to sell. Before heading to the market, we see Mr. Tahirou waiting for his friend, Mr. Yaou, who went to catch his own chicken. In another household, Mr. Sabiou’s wife draws her husband’s attention to the need of isolating new chickens from the rest. Once back from the market, Mr. Tahirou gives his wife the money from the chicken he sold, and starts to sweep the hen house for her. At this moment, Mr. Yaou arrives. He is invited to vaccinate his chickens. [He] explains poultry farming practices and their advantages, especially for women and children. The men understand the importance of helping women raise and take care of chickens.