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Community Video (Niger): Des Consultations Médicales Avant et Après L’Accouchement

Mr. Yahaya decides to accompany his wife, Mrs. Arawa, to the health clinic. They live in the village of Tassoua Haoussa in the Zinder region of Niger. On the way back, the couple sees two women. These women, Ms. Rabi and Aicha, are curious, and head to their friend Arawa’s house to learn why the couple went to the health clinic. Arawa explains to them the importance of postnatal consultations, and the women, convinced, take their leave. Meanwhile, Mr. Yahaya raises awareness among his friends of the good behaviors a man must adopt when his wife is pregnant. Mr. Haji, one of the participants in the conversation, explains that he did not allow his wife to go to a prenatal consultation because the nurse was a man. The group of friends also discusses family planning matters. Following the discussions, all of the men understand the importance of pre- and postnatal visits and of giving birth at a health center.