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Community Video (Niger): La Planification Familiale Pour un Meilleur Avenir

Mr. Salissou has been called to explain the benefits of family planning on children’s nutritional status to a group of elders from the village of Gwati, in the Zinder region. One of the elders is a marabout. Meanwhile, Salissou’s wife, Gawsia, informs Aina about the advantages of family planning and related products. Salissou and his wife visit Mr. Abaché and his wife Aina, and once the couples finish their conversation, Mr. Abaché and Aina go meet with the health worker. He explains to them the advantages of breastfeeding as a family planning method, and the process to choose the right method of contraception. In the end, the marabout draws the attention of the faithful to contraception methods, and men and women understand the importance of family planning.