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Community Video (Niger):Comment rompre le cycle de la malnutrition - How to Break the Cycle of Malnutrition?

The video is shot in the village of N’Walla, in the commune of Tchadoua. After having served her husband porridge, Rakiya goes to visit her friend Amina. Amina’s husband brings fresh food to his family from the market. Rakiya arrives at her friend Amina’s house and finds her preparing ingredients for cooking. The two women talk about the sharing of household tasks, and about husbands supporting their wives during pre- and postnatal consultations. Then, Rakiya goes on to visit Haoua, the awareness raiser. The latter explains the practice of exclusive breastfeeding and its advantages. They talk about topics related to having a quality diet. Once Rakiya returns home, she informs her husband of the importance of local food and family planning. After these discussions, men and women understand the mechanisms that can break the cycle of malnutrition.