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Make the Healthier Choice: Eat Fortified Foods

The rolex is a popular Ugandan snack made of a chapatti (flatbread) filled with an omelet and vegetables. But why does SPRING feature the rolex in this cartoon?

As Katoto tells a street vendor in the video, eating a rolex made with fortified wheat and cooking oil is one way for customers to get essential nutrients like iron, zinc, and vitamin A. Rolex and other street food vendors can also stay competitive by using fortified ingredients, which they can identify in the market by looking for the big, blue “F” logo, a Government seal that marks the food as fortified.

Katoto is a popular animated character on Ugandan social media and television and an engaging figure for raising the public’s awareness of fortified foods. This cartoon builds on SPRING’s important fortification-related work in Uganda; in 2016, SPRING/Uganda conducted a communication campaign and disseminated leaflets, posters, and factsheets on how to identify fortified foods. SPRING has also worked with personnel in the wheat flour, maize flour, and cooking oil/fat industries to build capacity in food fortification and enforce good manufacturing practices.

After watching this video, click on the resources below to explore SPRING’s fortification-related activities and resources.