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Leveraging Agriculture for Nutritional Impact through the Feed the Future Initiative

In this chapter in Advances in Food and Nutrition Research, SPRING reviews the nutrition narrative in relation to food and nutrition and presents the current understanding of linkages between agriculture and nutrition and the Feed the Future initiative's efforts to strengthen the nutritional impact of agricultural and economic growth activities. It goes on to describe how Feed the Future activities' design and early implementation linked agriculture and nutrition and concludes with an updated framework that incorporates methods of improving nutrition outcomes of agricultural programming within the broader context of the food system.

Recommended Citation

Lidan Du, Victor Pinga, Alyssa Klein, Heather Danton, Chapter One - Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition Impact through the Feed the Future Initiative, In: Jeyakumar Henry, Editor(s), Advances in Food and Nutrition Research, Academic Press, 2015, Volume 74, Pages 1-46, ISSN 1043-4526, ISBN 9780128022269,