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A 2-Year Integrated Agriculture and Nutrition Program Targeted to Mothers of Young Children in Burkina Faso Reduces Underweight among Mothers and Increases Their Empowerment: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial

This article aims to increase the evidence base around the benefits of integrated agriculture and nutrition programs for children’s health and nutrition outcomes. It presents the results of Helen Keller International’s 2 year cluster randomized control trial of an enhanced-homestead food production program in Burkina Faso on the secondary impact measures of mother’s nutrition and empowerment. The program was found to substantially improve mothers’ nutrition and empowerment outcomes and t these positive outcomes may also improve their ability to care for their children.

Olney, D., Bliznashka, L., Pedehombga, A., Dillon, A., Ruel, M., Heckert, J. Journal of Nutrition (2016). Vol. 146. No. 5. 224-261.