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An Animal-Source Food Supplement Increases Micronutrient Intakes and Iron Status among Reproductive-Age Women in Rural Vietnam

This study assessed the impact of a local animal-sourced food (ASF) supplement on the micronutrient status of rural, Vietnamese women aged 18-30 years. Participants of this study were given either an ASF or a control snack five days per week for six months. Inflammation was monitored, including urinary tract infections (UTIs), as this can contribute to anemia and affect nutritional status. The authors concluded that ASF supplementation effectively improved the micronutrient intake and iron status of reproductive-age women in rural Vietnam; however, plasma zinc, retinol, and serum vitamin B-12 concentrations did not increase. Increased risk of UTIs among the intervention group was found and the authors concluded this needed further investigation.

Hall, A., et. al., Journal of Nutrition (June 2017).