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Cost-effectiveness of Community Vegetable Gardens for People Living with HIV in Zimbabwe

Do vegetable gardens have an impact on the health and well-being of People Living with HIV (PLHIV)? Between 2008 and 2011, a project in Zimbabwe led by Action Contre la Faim supported vegetable consumption through community gardens, analyzing consequent changes to dietary patterns of PLHIV. The study found food consumption and household dietary diversity scores increased with the intervention; this article assesses the cost-effectiveness of the community garden model as a way to improve diet, as compared to other support programs for PLHIV.

Puett, C., Salpeteur, C., Lacroix, E., Zimunya, S.D., Israel, A., Ait-Aissa, M. Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation. (May 2014) Vol. 11, No. 12.