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Linking Agriculture and Nutrition Education to Improve Infant and Young Child Feeding: Lessons for Future Programmes

How can nutrition education and behavior change influence agricultural interventions? In 2014, process reviews were conducted in Cambodia and Malawi of food security projects that provided agricultural support and community-based nutrition education on improved infant and young child feeding (IYCF). Results show that adoption of improved IYCF practices was facilitated by participation in nutrition education and practical cooking sessions, and supportive family and community structures. The article also describes barriers and challenges to implementing nutrition education and provides lessons learned for integrated agriculture-IYCF nutrition education programs to help ensure better young child nutrition outcomes.

Garz, J., Jeremias, T., Nordin, S., Muehlhoff, E., Wijesinha-Bettoni, R., Westaway, E. Maternal & Child Nutrition (October 2017) Vol. 13, pp. e12411.