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Like Mother, Like Child?: Understanding Transitions in Diet, Health, And Nutrition In Humla, Nepal Research

The authors perform a qualitative study of changing food habits in Humla, Nepal, based on outside factors like access to markets and work-for-food programs. They find that while a new road in Humla is helping to solve the problem of quantity-of-food related food security, it has given rise to numerous quality-of-food related food security issues, including increased risk for children in upper Humla to develop diet-related non-communicable diseases (DR-NCDs). This study is more widely applicable as a framework to study issues of diet quality in tandem with diet quantity, as well as changes to diets because of changing food access.

Grocke, M., Mckay, K. Studies in Nepali History and Society (December 2016). Vol. 21, pp. 305-331.