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Understanding Pathways to Better Nutrition at District Level: Lessons from Uganda

The research detailed in this article explores Ugandan district leaders’ perceptions of the nutrition situation, programs, and opportunities for integration as part of "Pathways-to-Better Nutrition" (PBN) case study conducted by USAID/SPRING Project. Qualitative data collection of key informant interviews and focus group discussions found that nutrition statistics are not widely known, nutrition is not prioritized by the government, and that capacity to undergo nutrition programming is considered insufficient. The Uganda situation highlights how efforts to address malnutrition need to be multi-sectoral, coupled with increased coordination of different sectors and ministries for sustained impact on nutrition outcomes.

Agaba, E., Ghosh, S., Griffiths, J. African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition, and Development (November 2017) Vol. 17, pp. 12837-12853.