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Context Assessment for Linking Agriculture and Nutrition

An Overview to the User Guide and Online Tool

The aim of the Agriculture and Nutrition Context Assessment Tool Locator and its associated user guide is to support context assessment for project design, whether creating new or amending existing projects. It intends to strengthen the links between agricultural interventions and nutritional outcomes, focusing on how to gather new information on the various components that link agriculture and nutrition. SPRING’s conceptual pathways between agriculture and nutrition are briefly presented here; however, the main content of this section is a curated list of context assessment tool summaries related to one or more components of the agriculture-nutrition pathways.

The tool summaries follow a template and include a description of the content, the applications of each tool, and links to the tools*. These summaries are intended to facilitate an informed choice of which tool is most appropriate based on assessment objectives, timing, and available budget. The guide does not offer new tools for contextual assessment; rather, it encourages use of existing manuals and handbooks to provide practical guidance on assessing the various factors along the agriculture-nutrition path.

Selecting the appropriate tools, or modules of tools, for the specific purposes of an assessment can be challenging, and SPRING's Agriculture and Nutrition Context Assessment Tool Locator aims to support this process.