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National and District Tools to Guide Anemia Programming

SPRING has developed guidance tools to support countries to develop context-specific and data-driven approaches to combat anemia. The Landscape Analysis Guidance provides detailed information to policy makers and program implementers on how to gather, understand, and use anemia-related data; and the District Assessment Tool for Anemia (DATA) assists program managers in strengthening anemia programming at the district level.

Given the variety of factors that cause anemia, and the multiple sectors involved in controlling and treating anemia, it is important to involve perspectives from various sectors and stakeholder groups. The guidance tools are intended to be used by stakeholders looking to better understand anemia and how to address it in their country including: government staff in anemia-related ministries, technical experts, UN agency staff, and non-governmental implementers. Use of these guidance tools should generally include participation by multiple sectors working together to address the multifactorial causes of anemia.