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Accelerating Behavior Change in Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture

 Cambodia HARVEST

Nutrition-sensitive agriculture is an important part of ending malnutrition through multi-sectoral action. The Accelerating Behavior Change in Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture online training is a one to two-day course for people who design and implement agriculture projects, including those focused on food security, livelihoods, value chains, and/or broader agricultural market development. Completing the course will provide you with knowledge and skills to help agriculture projects become more nutrition-sensitive by leveraging agriculture’s potential to contribute to specified nutrition outcomes or results. You will practice applying proven approaches from the science of behavior change to first identify context-appropriate nutrition-sensitive agricultural practices and then facilitate increased use of those practices.

By the end of this training you will:

  • Understand agriculture’s role in improving nutrition,
  • Know how to use behavior change methods to prioritize and promote nutrition-sensitive agriculture practices,
  • And establish a commitment to developing a behavior change strategy for current and future agriculture projects.

The interactive course will guide you through narrated slides, quizzes, exercises, handouts, videos, and links to helpful resources. If you have any difficulty accessing the course, encounter any problems, or have any feedback, please contact us by emailing us at

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