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Community Worker’s Training Guide and Handbook

Cover pages of the Community Health Worker Training Guide and Handbook

The Essential Nutrition Actions (ENA) framework delivers a set of evidence-based interventions to improve nutritional status during the critical 1,000 days between conception and two years of age. This framework targets pregnant and lactating women and their young children and defines the right action to be taken by the right person at the right time, promoting a “nutrition through the life cycle” approach. This approach addresses women’s nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, optimal breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices, nutritional care of sick and malnourished children, and control of anemia, vitamin A, and iodine deficiencies.

The Essential Hygiene Actions (EHA) framework delivers a complementary set of evidence-based practices around food hygiene, hand washing, and access to a simple water source (tippy taps) around cooking areas.

Implementing ENA/EHA through the agricultural sector represents two different opportunities for individuals to advocate with families—particularly mothers and fathers with children under two years—for specific and relevant nutrition and hygiene actions:

  • Farmers as individuals or in groups through agricultural extension agents, farmer networks, and Farmer Nutrition Schools
  • Other agriculture platforms such as input provision, veterinarians, and financial services and markets

These training materials include a set of reference tools to be used at the community level to promote and support improved nutrition practices.